By purchasing a booth or ticket for an event and completing the registration, I grant BrideTower OpCo, LLC, its licensees, and representatives (“BridgeTower”) the right to photograph and record video/film footage of me, including sound recordings of my voice and transcriptions of my oral or written statements, and the use of my name and likeness (collectively, the “Content”) and I agree that BridgeTower shall own the copyrights in the Content and the rights to the Content in perpetuity. I further agree that BridgeTower may distribute, broadcast, publish, display, promote, sell, and use the Content in a variety of ways (“Distribution”) and I agree that BridgeTower may engage in all such Distribution worldwide in perpetuity. I further agree that I may be solicited in the future by BridgeTower or BridgeTower partners.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Booth cancellations are accepted until April 25, 2023, without penalty. No refund for cancellations after April 25, 2023.